Jane Fonda and Hollywood TV Slips

Dec 16th, 2008
Jane Fonda on Today Show - C Word Slip

Jane Fonda inexplicably uses the C word on live television during the The V-Word. This is a big celebrity Oops!

CNN's Kyra Phillips - C Word Slip

Kyra Phillips tries to remain unbiased during CNN's, The Final Showdown, but as we can see, that just doesn't happen.

Harvey Levin - The People's Court - C Word Slip

Right before Judge Marilyn Milian makes her final ruling, Harvey Levin can't help but slur his mouth off!

Shepard Smith - C Word Slip

Shepard Smith accidentally slaughters Jonathan Glen's last name. This isn't the first mistake you've made either Shep!

Sue Herera - C Word Slip

What did Sue Herera just say about that interest rate cut? Oh, she must be catching a cold...

Game Show - C Word Slip

While this one doesn't feature any celebrities, per say, it is still quite hilarious and finishes off the segment quite nicely.