Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Endorsements - Page 2

Mar 04th, 2009
6. Paris Hilton

Unless Paris Hilton was the maid service, cleaning up stained bedroom sheets, we will thankfully never see her as the face for Hilton Hotels.

Hilton Hotels
7. Britney Spears

We've seen a bald and shaved Britney on multiple occassions, why would you ever want to associate your hair removal product with this washed up celebrity?

Nair Hair Removal
8. Sarah Jessica Parker

I'm actually surprised Matthew Broderick doesn't keep his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker locked up in the stables, we hear she's a horrible neiiighhhhhhhhbor.

Mister Ed DVD
9. Madonna

Remember that whole incident with Madonna and Alexander Rodriguez? Yeah, I don't think she'll ever be a spokeswoman for the Yankees, not even the mascot!

Yankees Season Tickets
10. Jennifer Aniston

Sweet, sweet irony. You will never, ever, ever in a hundred billion years, see Jennifer Aniston's face or voice advertise an Angelina and Brad Pitt product, especially a DVD that coins them as a married couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith DVD
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andrew on 03/13/2009 @ 18:00

these aren't funny.