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Feb 05th, 2009
8. Cast of Friends in Underwear - Banned Commercial

I bet you never expected Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica to appear on television at the same time, in their underwear. Yeah, neither did NBC.

7. Candice Michelle - Banned GoDaddy.com Superbowl Commercial 2007

After the success of the first campaign, GoDaddy.com couldn't resist sticking it to the FCC. We think Candice Michelle secretly tried out for Basic Instinct 2, and sadly never got a call back.

6. Jennifer Aniston - Heineken Banned Commercial

Being banned from one commercial wasn't enough for Jennifer Aniston. She had to screw things up commercial wise again. I feel like her commercial and personal life are living the same life...

5. Anna Kournikova - Banned Adidas Commercials (Russia)

This commercial with Anna Kournikova was banned because of how they represent the Russia. Oops!

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt - Banned Levi's Jeans Commercial

When you have a celebrity as hot as Jennifer Love Hewitt, fashioning off skin tight jeans, you better bet your bottom dollar it'll get pulled. Especially when she reveals her camel-toe during the clip.

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Knightvolt on 02/06/2009 @ 02:01

IF you want a good laugh then watch these commercials...ROFL