WTF: Most Hated Celebrities

Jul 07th, 2009

Ever get that swinging urge to deck your Most Hated Celebrities square in the grill? Behold, WTF: Most Hated Celebrities. Unlock a new celebrity after each KO, use strategically placed weapons (right arrow) to inflict the most damage. Remember to block and have some serious fun!


katy on 07/17/2009 @ 02:54

Why are Miley Cyrus, Heidi Montag, and Vanessa Hudgens not on here? And I like Rachael Ray.

gold baybay on 09/02/2009 @ 04:39

Vanessa Hudgens isn't their because people don't hate her. They just think her actions were, "questionable"? I ain't gonna call her what I should because they moniter people.