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My name is Chantal. I’m 23-years-old. I’m fabulous. I love all things pop culture, entertainment, celebrities, music, NEW YORK CITY. Oh, and I’m blonde so hence the name BlondieeNYC. I get an extra “e” a) because I’m that bad ass and b) because I said so.

I studied at an overpriced school you may have heard of...New York University where I am now left with over $150k of debt, no full-time job, and a recession that’s brought me nothing but hell. I studied the poor man’s career aka liberal arts DOUBLE major...journalism and English so that should give me some credit right there. My brain is actually able to function two majors at the same time. Go me!

I make fun of every celebrity except for Britney Spears because sometimes we have to be light hearted to the mentally ill.

I grew up decent. Middle-class, but now I consider myself in the lower class due to how much I have to pay back in loans. This coming from a girl who thought it was a good idea last May to take her extra loan money and blow it on a trip to Vegas. Woe is me, but damn well worth it. I’m a vegetarian...not to be confused with vegan because I could never give up cheese. I want to bang Johnny Depp by the time I’m 30, but Shia LaBeouf will do. I don’t know how my boyfriend puts up with my insanity. Yes, someone actually wants to date me.

Sometimes I write about important stuff, but really I think laughing is the most important thing in life. So for those of you who don’t get the “big deal” about celebrity blogging...there’s one reason behind it. You get to laugh at rich and famous people. See, we can act and do stupid sh*t, but those b*tches can’t without being taped at all times. Kudos to letting ourselves laugh at popular people who do the same shizz we do...we just don’t get caught.

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Favorite Celebrity: Johnny Depp

Most Hated Celebrity: Jessica Simpson

Celebrity I Want To Be: Britney Spears

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