Chelsea Handler Opens Up About Jennifer Aniston And 50 Cent

Dec 09th, 2010

Almost one week after her Angelina Jolie rant, we got a peek into Chelsea Handler's latest interview in Glamour where she dished on her bestie Jennifer Aniston and potential lov-ah 50 Cent. For all you Brangeloonies out there, no sweat. Chelsea laid off her...

Jennifer Aniston's BFF Chelsea Handler Verbally Attacks Angelina Jolie

Dec 06th, 2010

Yikes! This is about to cause mayhem in the media world. On Dec. 3, Friday night, Chelsea Handler (who has been very close with Jennifer Aniston lately) went on a tirade where she bashed Angelina Jolie for being a homewrecker. She even went as far as calling her the "C" word every woman hates...

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee Responds To Chelsea Handler's Comment (...And She Reciprocates)

Apr 05th, 2010

Chelsea Handler's job is to basically poke fun at every celebrity---especially those associating themselves with trash and scandal. So it's no surprise the comedienne took to her blog to discuss Michelle "Bombshell" McGee (otherwise known as Jesse James's Rachel Uchitel.) Let's jusy say McGee didn't take Chelsea's comments lightly...

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