Derek Jeter To Marry Actress Minka Kelly Next November

Jan 11th, 2010

Long-time bachelor Derek Jeter shall be giving up his bachelorhood come November 2010. Who knew a little nobody actress named after a fur coat, Minka Kelly, would be Jeter's dream lady? Enough to settle him down. Long Islanders be on the look out, DJ's looking to get hitched at the Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY...

Derek Jeter Builds Multi-Million Dollar St. Petersburg Home For He And Girlfriend Minka Kelly

Dec 04th, 2009

If there's one guy any guy would probably give a day to be, it'd be Derek Jeter. Amazing career, amazing baseball player (for the New York Yankees no less), hot actress girlfriend Minka Kelly, and money out the a$$. So go figure Mr. Jeter just built quite the 30,875 square-foot home in St. Petersburg, FL...

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