Dina Lohan Won't Attend Any Counseling At The Betty Ford Because She Thinks Michael Lohan Is Using Lindsay For Her Fame...Funny

Nov 18th, 2010

Pretty much the funniest thing we've heard all day. Dina Lohan will not attend any counseling sessions at Betty Ford if Michael Lohan is there because she thinks he is using this just to better his own career. Funny because that's what Dina does to her daughter every day...

McLovin Wants To Bang Dina Lohan

May 26th, 2010

Listen up, Dina Lohan. A guy, a living breathing guy, actually wants to get in your pants. Sure, he's famous for playing McLovin in Superbad, but that sounds super fine to us. Not only does he want a piece of that, but he'd have her over Lindsay Lohan any day...

Dina Lohan Is The Definition Of A Perfect Mom

May 05th, 2010

If Lindsay Lohan wants to get rid of those who enable her most, she should check out her mother, Dina Lohan. These pictures are from 2:30 AM when Dina was snapped leaving the Chateau Marmont with Lindsay. Best part about this? Lindsay had a deposition that same morning...

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