New Couple Alert?: Larry David And Eva Mendes?

Jul 08th, 2011

Talk about an odd couple. We're not sure how much of this is true, but the National Enquirer is claiming that Larry David and Eva Mendes may be an item. In fact, he's apparently charming the pants off her...

Eva Mendes Doesn't Want To Get Married

May 02nd, 2011

Not every woman wants to get married. Hottie Eva Mendes was out at the DKMS 5th Annual Gala event at Cipriani's in NY to help raise funds for Leukemia charity when she admitted she's just not that interested in marriage...

Nightly Treat: Eva Mendes

Dec 07th, 2010

Eva Mendes Shows Us Them Granny Panties

Jul 22nd, 2009

Eva Mendes must have run out of her usual sexy bikinis. Instead of calling a close pal or an assistant to run to her nearest bikini hot spot, she opted to call her great great grandmother. Hey, we might be assuming, but what else are we left to think?...

Eva Mendes Ruins Potential See-Through Picture

Jun 23rd, 2009

We haven't seen Eva Mendes in a while and to be completely honest she ruined the fantasies of many men with this picture. Thank God for bright lights when taking pictures, right?...

Eva Mendes in London, The Spirit

Dec 17th, 2008

Eva Mendes' photocall for her new film, The Spirit went off last week without a hitch. The star posed for some beautiful pictures while in London...

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