Nightly Treat: Jennifer Lopez

Feb 08th, 2011

J. Lo's Mad That Steve Tyler Is Stealing The Spotlight On "American Idol"

Feb 07th, 2011

Jenny from the block sure ain't pleased! According to an insider on American Idol, Jennifer Lopez is none too pleased that Steven Tyler has been getting as much attention as he has. J. Lo was counting on Idol to help ignite her comeback and peeved that it's all about Steven all the time...

Jennifer Lopez Exposed Herself In Public

Dec 01st, 2010

We bet a lot of you would want to see this supposed footage. If you're familiar with Jennifer Lopez's past love life, then you know the name Ojani Noa. He's the dude who's been trying to sell private tapes of the entertainer, but fortunately for her she's been able to keep these tapes out of the public eye. Well, she may not be able to anymore...

Jennifer Lopez And Ryan Seacrest Hate Each Other

Nov 05th, 2010

All is not well on the American Idol. Mainly because it's become some sort of spectacle rather than about the unknown talent. Ryan Seacrest banks $15 million a year and Jennifer Lopez is making $12 million a year...and this has got JLo's panties in a bunch. So what did she do? The 41-year-old entertainer negotiated a pay raise for herself every time Ryan, 35, gets a salary boost and that has pissed him off...

Jennifer Lopez Wants Her Biscuits

Sep 27th, 2010

American Idol just handed Jennifer Lopez a $12 million dollar paycheck and now her driver has picked up her favorite biscuits. Looks like this gal can have anything she pretty much wants. She'll order her biscuits and eat 'em too. Read more...

Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler Are The New "American Idol" Judges..Shocker

Sep 24th, 2010

Golly gee, so what we've all been speculating for months is actually true. On Wednesday, it was announced that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will join Randy Jackson as judges on American Idol. Oh they only had to pay JLo a cool $12 million for the gig! DIVA. For someone whose star power has gone down quite a bit, who knew they'd dish out that much cash for a show following suit. More importantly, can someone explain her wig/ridic outfit?...