Kate Gosselin Wants An Older Man

Jun 14th, 2011

Kate Gosselin just won't end. Just when you think she's shut up, she yaps her mouth off and magazines go crazy over it all. Does she still even sell covers? Anywho, Kate has plans to marry again one day with a specific type...

Kate Gosselin Owes $10,000K To Her Marriage Counselor

May 26th, 2011

We're waiting for the day when the name Kate Gosselin is long gone from our memories. Until then, we'll just keep reporting about her nonsense. A northeastern Pennsylvania judge says Kate must pay a local marriage therapist more than $10,000 in a dispute over counseling...

Yeah, because Kate Gosselin REALLY Needs ANOTHER Vacation

Jan 07th, 2011

We pray for the day when this woman is no longer relevant. Kate Gosselin and her brood hit the Australian sun for a vacation and is it just us or is Kate's entire look a cry for desperation and fame in Hollywood? We literally just cannot stomach this woman...

Kate Gosselin's Finance 101: How To Waste Millions

Nov 19th, 2010

Let the downfall of Kate Gosselin begin! Honestly, we literally cannot take this woman and all of her nonsense anymore so we're happy to report that this chick has managed to blow millions of dollars and has now found herself in a financial hole. Only people we feel bad for? Her kids...

Kate Gosselin Gets $250K For Each "Kate Plus 8" Episode...The Same As Actor Patrick Dempsey!

Aug 20th, 2010

Be prepared to pull your hair out. Apparently being a b*tch devil mother pays well. Kate Gosselin gets $250K per episode of TLC's Kate Plus 8...and yet she doesn't pay for zilch when she visits Ted Gibson Salon for five to ten hour hair sessions. Guess who makes just as much as her? A talented actor who goes by the name of Patrick Dempsey for Grey's Anatomy...

Kate Gosselin Continues The Famewhore Train, Vacations With Kids In Bikini

May 22nd, 2010

Kate Gosselin somehow just magically appeared with her kids in Florida while the paparazzi was around. Gee, wonder who tipped them off! The mom of eight decided to show off her bikini bod while "vacationing" with her kids. Right, like we're really going to believe she loves vacationing with the kids she constantly complains about on her website...

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