Kate Gosselin's Ridiculous Spray Tan To Fit Into Hollywood

Apr 19th, 2010

No that's not George Hamilton's love child, it's mother of eight, Kate Gosselin. Otherwise known as the train wreck on Dancing With the Stars. Kate's looking especially orange in these pictures and it's for one reason: she's looking to move her, her kinds, and her obsession with fame out to Hollywood...

Kate Gosselin's Rumored Crush On A 'Dancing With the Stars' Engaged Co-Star

Apr 09th, 2010

While I'm sure this is garbage considering it's from the National Enquirer (but hey, they have been right on some things--ah hem Tiger Woods), Kate Gosselin's looking to snag an engaged man...or just giving producers of The Bachelor to make her the next bachelorette...

Kate Gosselin Survives Another Week (My Poor Brenda Walsh), But Is One Dancing Diva

Mar 31st, 2010

Surprise! Surprise! Kate Gosselin is a diva on the set of Dancing With the Stars. Figures this brat gets to stay while my beloved Shannen Doherty aka Brenda Walsh got the first boot last night. Anywho, word on the street is that Kate shows up late for hair and makeup every time...

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 10, Episode 2: Kate Gosselin, Please Get Off The Stage

Mar 30th, 2010

Let's cut to the chase or rather, cut Kate Gosselin off of the stage. Regardless of the "drama" (because really her partner gave that when he decided to quit for five minutes) Gosselin is a total hot, stiff mess out on that dance floor. When a pill popping sex pot is able to keep in sync with her dance moves and you can barely pop a leg, you've got some issues...

Kate Gosselin A Reported Diva On Set Of 'Dancing With The Stars'

Mar 17th, 2010

While most of the contestant's on this seasons Dancing with the Stars made pretty good careers for themselves (even Pam Anderson), it's the reality turned fame obsessed mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, who's the most divalicious on set. I guess carrying six kids at one time will negatively impact a person in the long run...

'Dancing With The Stars' 2010 Lineup Is Quite The Pop Culture Fanatic's Dream

Mar 02nd, 2010

My dreams of Brenda Walsh sashaying past Kate Gosselin's useless existence have come true. Never the fan of...

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