EXCLUSIVE!: Kate Gosselin @ High End NYC Salon Right NOW!

Feb 05th, 2010

That's right, Miss Kate Gosselin strolled off the elevator looking as glam as possible. Should I mention she's GORGEOUS in person? Certainly not the image they give off on TV...she looks exactly like a celebrity. Kate walked in with her new glam extensions, short skirt, and high heels looking quite amazing...

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Kate Gosselin Wants To Get In Liam Neeson's Pants

Dec 07th, 2009

Once a fame whore, always a fame whore. What's next when you're no longer the main focus on Us Weekly, Life & Style, and Star covers? You search for your next 15 minutes of fame elsewhere. For Kate Gosselin, she hopes to nab Mr. Liam Neeson as her next target...

Hugh Hefner Wants Kate Gosselin in 'Playboy' for $400K

Sep 10th, 2009

Since she's a famewhore, we'd be SURPRISED if she passed on this opportunity. Playboy could offer us $50 bucks and we'd do it. But really? $400K to see Kate Gosselin naked? Looks like Jon Gosselin got the better end of the deal. He's seen that creature nude for a long time...

Kate Gosselin Not the Monster Allegedly Seen on 'Today' Set

Aug 13th, 2009

Kate Gosselin. Two words we've all been mobbed by the past three months. Okay it sucks she's single with eight kids, but guess what? Move on, deal with it, whyyyy does everyone care so much? Anyway off topic...after her teary eyed appearance on the Today Show Monday, rumors circulated that Kate was less than a gracious guest. But now the show is on the defensive claiming that is anything from the truth...

'Jon and Kate Plus Eight' Minus Jon's Mistress

Jun 25th, 2009

So we were crossing our fingers that Jon Gosselin's mistress, Deanna Hummel, would be joining Jon and Kate Plus Eight's next season. Unfortunately that hot mess of a dream shall not be a reality. Some things are just too good to be true...

Kate Gosselin's Been Leavin' Em Since '95

Jun 04th, 2009

The only truth in the title of Jon & Kate Plus Eight is the Kate Plus Eight part since Kate Gosselin has apparently been jeepin' around for quite some time prior to allegations that Jon Gosselin cheated. It must be the hair. I don't know why some lucky random couple...

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