Mariah Carey Brings Back Her 90s Hair, Falls Out Of Her Dress

Sep 06th, 2009

Oh Mariah Carey. First you just had to prove to everyone that Eminem is Obsessed with you...then he basically retaliated and tore your arse apart. Now you're trying to find that once inner early 90s cute girl...unfortunately, that time is long and gone and you just look like a hot, curly mess...

Eminem Sends Mariah a 'Warning'

Jul 31st, 2009

Eminem threatens to release photos of he and Mariah Carey on his new track. On the titled song “Warning,” Slim Shady, to put it mildly, goes off on the pop diva and her new hubby Nick Cannon

The Best She's Looked All Year, Mariah Carey A Man

Jul 03rd, 2009

We're sick of Mariah Carey and her 40-something-year-old a$$ looking beastly in recent pictures. Instead we've opted to show you pictures of her on the set of her recent video...dressed as a man. Whether she's poking fun at Eminem or not, Mariah we applaud you for wearing clothes. Sometimes too much is a good thing...

Mariah Carey Puts Up New Album Pic on Twitter (Totally Not Photo Shopped)

Jun 26th, 2009

Mariah Carey should seriously consider renaming herself "PHOTO SHOP" because her new album cover is far from realistic. We think it's about time Photo Shop gets on it and pays some respect to their number one client...

Mariah Carey Holds 'Em Up

Jun 08th, 2009

We're surprised that ultimate rumored-diva, Mariah Carey, doesn't have an assistant to solely hold up her dresses. From the looks of things at the annual Fresh Air Fund Salute to Heroes Gala in New York City last week, the Grammy award winning singer's got quite the heavy load in the upper body department...

Mariah Carey Pregnant?

Dec 11th, 2008

Mariah Carey may soon be a mom! Top secret stalkers spies have been watching following keeping a watchful eye on Carey during her mildly progressive relationship with star, Nick Cannon. The spies saw Mariah Carey leaving the ob/gyn...

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