Nicole Richie Wants A Talk Show

Apr 18th, 2011

Move over, Oprah...Nicole Richie wants a talk show. I'm not sure how to really feel about it, but I guess she's humorous enough to carry a show on her own. Hey, she did make The Simple Life a lot less obnoxious and that's hard when you're partner is Paris Hilton...

Trouble In Paraside For Nicole Richie's Marriage Already?

Jan 11th, 2011

Let the rumor mill begin! Nicole Richie stepped out and what did people look for right away? Her wedding ring. Unfortunately, Miss Richie opted to leave that at home...or could there be trouble in paradise already for she and hubby Joel Madden? we're inclined to believe she left it at home for a reason...

Nicole Richie May Have Ruined Christina Aguilera's Marriage

Oct 19th, 2010

Looks like Christina Aguilera's friends may have helped put the ending on her marriage. Remember that bachelorette party Christina Aguilera attended with Samantha Ronson for Nicole Richie? Word on the street it was a "wild party" vacation that led the singer to split with her husband, Jordan Bratman. And that's because Nicole and crew were feeding into it...

Nicole Richie Somehow Gets Extended

Jun 25th, 2010

This story is pretty stupid, but I guess it works since Nicole Richie is as well. Remember way back in 2006 when Richie was caught driving the wrong way on the highway? Yeah, that little incident landed her some nice probation and having to complete 30 something alcohol education classes. Four years later, she still didn't finish them. Lindsay, can you hear this?...

TaTa Thursday Presents Nicole Richie's All Of A Sudden Major MILF Cleavage

Dec 17th, 2009

It's about time Nicole Richie found that inner hotness. If you notice, Nicole never had that grace period. She went from drunk druggie chubster hot mess to coke anorexic hot mess in a blink of an eye. Seems like motherhood has given Nicole that extra umph she's needed all of these years. Especially in the upper area department...

Nicole Richie's Post Pregnancy Bikini Bod

Sep 23rd, 2009

Life's a beach or so it is for Nicole Richie who just recently gave birth and is somehow able to frolic around in a bikini...not to mention she looks like she hasn't eaten for days. Going downhill again, Richie?...

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