Olivia Munn Loves Being No. 2 On Maxim's Hot 100 List

May 18th, 2011

Who said No. 1 was a true winner! Olivia Munn attended the 2011 Maxim Hot 100 Party at Eden in Hollywood, Calif. last week and expressed how much she appreciates being ranked second this year as opposed to first...

Olivia Munn Likes To Curse

Apr 26th, 2011

Man, Olivia Munn sure knows how to drink and get wild...just make sure you don't get on her bad side. Well out and about enjoying Vegas with her pals, Olivia decided to curse out a group of bystanders on her way out of the club. Apparently, they tried to "manhandle" one of her friends...

"Glee" Star Matthew Morrison Caught Kissing Hottie Olivia Munn

Feb 22nd, 2011

Matthew Morrison is legitimately the biggest pimp out there right now. He's been spotted with Kelly Brook, Cameron Diaz, Julianne Hough and now hottie Olivia Munn. The two looked absolutely happy and "in like" while attending Sunday night's New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden where they were spotted holding hands and stealing kisses from each other...

Olivia Munn Heats Up On The Cover Of "Maxim"

Jan 11th, 2011

Here's something to spice up your Tuesday afternoon. Olivia Munn decided to skank it up for this month's Maxim cover and someone had a little fun with the water works for the shoot. Not that we're complaining...and neither is Justin Timberlake, we're sure...

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Justin Timberlake Cheated On Jessica Biel With Olivia Munn

Oct 28th, 2010

It still baffles me when famous people think they can get away with cheating. Hey guys, newsflash: it never works! So goes the tale of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. According to reports, the former N'Sync star has cheated on his longterm galpal Biel with Daily Show correspondent and actress, Olivia Munn...

Best of Bikini Tuesday: Olivia Munn's FHM Shoot

May 04th, 2010

Nothing says self-promotion like this. Olivia Munn stripped down to her skivvies for FHM, promoting Iron Man 2, which is out in theaters this Friday. Although she has a small role, something tells me that these photos will only boost her career. Even if she does have to sleep her way to the top, she'll look good doing it...

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