My 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 10, Episode 1 Recap: Pam Anderson Is A Hot Pink Mess...& I Love It

Mar 23rd, 2010

If you're as pop culture obsessed as me, your eyes were tuned into ABC last night to witness the premiere of Dancing With the Stars Season 10. Mind you, this is my first time actually watching this show. Thank you Brenda Walsh! To sum this show up (before I give you my opinions): Pamela Anderson = Ratings Gold...

Pamela Anderson's Fun Bags Scare Me

Feb 04th, 2010

Listen, I might be a chick, but I'll give props to a hot chick when I see 'em---regardless that I'm straight. I'll give anyone the thumbs up if they do, but while I might have applauded Pamela Anderson 15 years ago for this, I'm pretty much scared for the skin that covers her silicone enhanced chest...

Pamela Anderson Wants To Be A Pop Star, Cover Your Ears!

Dec 14th, 2009

Get the kleenex ready for ears. You'll need it to clear the blood out after you listen to this hot mess of a song. Apparently Pamela Anderson is looking to broaden her career. Shying away from her legs over her head spread (as we would assume that's the position she's going for), Ms. Anderson (or Mrs. whoever she's married to now) would like to dabble in the music industry...

Pamela Anderson Tells Her Kids About Her Infamous Sex Tape

Dec 01st, 2009

Because having Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee as parents wasn't already damaging, Pam took it upon herself to tell her kids about their parents infamous 'sex tape.' Yeah, because telling your tween sons about this isn't uncomfortable at all...

Pamela Anderson Fails At The Classy Attempt for 'ELLE' Magazine

Oct 28th, 2009

Unlike Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson decided to take the other route. Usually when you're known for being a skanky, washed up, low-life mom, an attempt of showing the classy side off for ELLE magazine seems like the best option. Exhibit a: Pamela Anderson...

Pamela Anderson's Act Of Desperation Part 425: Puts On The Infamous Baywatch Red Bikini

Oct 16th, 2009

Oh, Pamela Anderson. The day of you and hott being in the same sentence no longer exists. But you can pretend it does and somehow backtrack your way to the mid 90s aka your hey day. And so that's exactly what Miss Anderson did for some weird fashion show...

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