Simon Cowell covers man boobs on holiday!

Jan 04th, 2013

While we may spend a great deal of time ogling topless hotties snapped in the sunshine at this time of year, there is one set of boobs we don’t really want to see... Nor does their owner want them exposed.

January 04th, 2013 by EmilyM Tags: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell's Getting Cold Feet

Nov 05th, 2010

Looks like our boy Simon Cowell will never settle down. Although he proposed to girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy last March, it seems as though he's regretting it and getting a case of the cold feet. Mezhgan, you better hang on to that ring and do whatever it takes to make your man happy. That's a bajillionaire right there...

Simon Cowell Shares The Wealth

Jun 28th, 2010

It pays to be on Simon Cowell's good side. The ex American Idol judge took very good care of his behind-the-scene staffers of the hit reality show on his last day. Let's just say that those who worked for him, didn't walk away empty handed...

Simon Cowell Puts A Ring On It

Mar 02nd, 2010

Someone was able to settle down Simon Cowell. The woman responsible is 36-year-old make up artist, Mezghan Hussainy. She makes Simon so incredibly happy that the soon-to-be ex 'Idol' judge has proposed to his chick-a-dee...

Simon Cowell & Victoria Beckham Be Hatin' On One Another

Jan 19th, 2010

As much as I used to be a huge fan of American Idol, I pretty much tuned off last week when the ninth season premiered and Victoria Beckham's bones were hanging out on the table. The only Spice Girl who never sang and just walk around is judging a singing competition? Get real. And it seems as though Simon Cowell's on my side as well...

Simon Cowell Celebrates 50 Drunk Until Dawn

Oct 07th, 2009

When you're Simon Cowell, you can afford to throw yourself a 50th birthday celebration---really, that money's like pocket change for him. So go figure the Brit judge REALLY celebrated it hard partying well until the dawn. 50-year-olds now have party inspiration...

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