Tom Cruise Actually Looks Hot While Filming Mission Impossible IV...Yes We Just Said That

Oct 07th, 2010

Who knew underneath the bad hair and freak-a-zoid Scientology ways, there actually lies a decent looking man? Yes, we're regretting those very words as we say them, but we can't dismiss Tom Cruise as somewhat attractive just because he's nuts. Could it be that he has better abs than The Situation? All along we just thought Tom had some voodoo power over Katie Holmes, now we get it. Guy's got abs of steel...

Tom & Katie's Open Marriage

Jun 28th, 2010

I guess Scientology just added another rule to their crazy books. Word on the street is that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes like to get it on with other people. The two are said to have an open marriage and the thoughts of these two getting down with other unfortunate people, simply bothers me...

Tom Cruise Looking Good Shirtless...Yes, I Said It

Jun 21st, 2010

Yes, I said it. Tom Cruise looks good without his shirt on. Perhaps this is just one of the many crazy things hypnotizing Katie Holmes. The actor was seen shooting an ESPN commercial last week and decided to give the paps a show. The former 80s and 90s heartthrob took off his shirt. I was quite surprised to see what lay underneath that actual hot bod...

Tom Cruise Parties Like A Scientologist With Katie Holmes, John Travolta, and Kelly Preston

Oct 26th, 2009

Tom Cruise must have charged Katie Holmes overnight because the two partied with Kelly Preston, John Travolta, and over 4000 other Scientologists last week at a massive party in England. We could only imagine how hot of a mess this scenario looked like. They even brought along their tiny tot, Suri Cruise after she was wound up to her fullest extent...

Suri Cruise to Attend Scientology School, Learn About Aliens

Apr 16th, 2009

This is apparently how Tom Cruise wishes to raise his children. Cruise is sending three-year-old, Suri Cruise, to the School of Scientology launched last year by his friend, Will Smith. We knew Smith was always the cool black guy, but we didn't peg him as crazy. Tom methodology for Suri goes like this...

Tom Cruise es Stupido, JeJeJe!

Feb 09th, 2009

Tom Cruise is an imbecile. Not because of anything related to Scientology or his appearance on Oprah, but because he thinks Spanish is the official language of Brazil. He greeted the people of Brazil with "hola" and "gracias" and said he fell in love with Brazil because of the Tango...

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