A Lover's Quarrel for Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson?

Jul 29th, 2009

Has Scarlett Johansson been wearing down her man, Ryan Reynolds? She just might be. So much so that she caused the babe-a-licious actor to ditch a conference at Comic Con supporting his new title role in the Green Lantern. Somewhere, Alanis Morisette is secretly laughing while throwing her hands up in there.

Although the couple has been mum on their marriage for the past ten months, sources hear that the newlyweds are no longer on their honeymoon. The duo were in town to attend Comic Con when a heated argument took place.

Scarlett, there to discuss her new role as Black Widow in “Iron Man 2,” was set to appear on her panel with Robert Downey Jr. and other cast members. Ryan was just cast as the lead in “Green Lantern,” a Warner Brothers flick. An insider tells FOX411 “they got in a huge fight just before they were going to Comic Con. It caused such a rift between them that Ryan refused to attend the conference and he told Scarlett she could go alone. She got so angry she threatened to take off her wedding band.” (source)

We have to side with Scarlett on this one only because she was professional and tended to her duties. It's said that many Warner Bros. execs are angry with Ryan for ditching the panel.

“Ryan pulled out at the last minute and word spread fast. He isn’t making a show of good faith to the Warner team after they battled over the decision making him ‘Green Lantern’,” says our snitch. “Scarlett ended up looking like the true professional and acted as if nothing was wrong, answering questions for fans and posing for pictures. It was not a good way for Ryan to begin his work as the star of the movie.” (source)

And we bet that after all of this, these two fought and then had great make-up sex. You can't look like that and not.

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