A Ton Of Prescription Drugs Found In Brittany Murphy's System At Time Of Death

Mar 02nd, 2010

What did Brittany Murphy have in her system on the day she died? SEVEN prescribed medications. Although none were illegal, one has to question why Brittany was on all of these different medications.

The papers gave a rundown of the prescription drugs Murphy had at her disposal. Under the toxicology section of the papers, a breakdown is given of what drugs were found in her system and where they found them: in her stomach was Propranolol, Hydrocodone, Phenazopyridine, Fluoxetine, Dextromethorphan, Chlorpheniramine, in her urine and in her blood/heart methamphetamines were found.

No illegal drugs were detected in her body. (source)

I'll bet right now her husband made sure Brittany was drugged up on a daily basis to keep her with him.

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