Add Taylor Swift To John Mayer's Notched Bed Post

Feb 04th, 2010

She might wear sneakers and a t-shirt and stand on the bleachers, but Taylor Swift's probably rockin' the naughty Victoria's Secret lingerie when it comes to spending time with John Mayer on the field. Seriously, this guy has nailed everything and everyone he's ever worked with or come within five feet of.

"Taylor and John are absolutely more than 'just friends'", a source close to the 20-year-old Grammy winner tells exclusively of her relationship with the 32-year-old crooner. "They aren’t ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ or anything as provincial as that, but they have taken their friendship to the next level."

Which would explain why we’ve been seeing these two together so much lately. After dining together in Nashville on Jan. 24, Taylor was caught sneaking into John’s Crossroads performance with Keith Urban on Jan. 26 in Franklin, Tenn. (source)

That's because as soon as John gives Taylor the girlfriend title, he's going to have a stage five clinger on his hands. And nothing's worse than a famous stage five clinger whom the world adores and sings about God damn fairy tales every hit song. OVER IT AND OVER HER.

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