All Work and No Miley Cyrus Makes for Creepy Stalkers

Aug 07th, 2009

Oh the awkward milestones of Hollywood. There are the public heartbreaks, the scantily clad photo shoots (or sex tapes, for the truly bad ass) and scandals that follow and, of course, the creeptastic stalker. Miley Cyrus can sleep tight tonight: she has made it big. Oh, and the 53-year-old dude stalking her is in jail… at least for now.

Police have charged Mark McLeod with criminal attempted stalking, his second arrest in the past few months for sneaking around the Georgia set of Cyrus’ new movie. McLeod told officials he was “secretly engaged” to Miley and that she sent him secret messages through her Disney show.

Oh the minds of the celebrity-obsessed/white-trash pedophiles of the world. We can only speculate how they work.

Hannah Montana: “Like OMG, I’m totally a secret pop star living a double life.”
Translation: “Hey, I’m jailbait. Stalk me, please?”

Sounds about right.

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