Almost One Year Ago, Tiger Woods Got Caught Cheatin'....And One Of His Ho's Was Lying About A Sex Tape

Nov 10th, 2010

In a little over two weeks marks the one year anniversary of Elin Nordegren chasing Tiger Woods out of their home with a golf club. Sorry, I know they've both claimed this didn't happen, but it does make the story that much better. So to commemorate this historic event, I'll share with you the following info.

Given that many of porn star Devon James' tales about her trysts with Tiger Woods have revealed gross exaggerations, it's probably no surprise her much-touted "sex tape" of the tarnished golf star has turned out to be a bust.

In bankruptcy documents filed in Florida by James and her husband, it's disclosed that there is no Woods video. However, since James and her husband, Nick, are still collecting payments for that faux sex tape on their website, the Florida authorities have opened a fraud investigation.

One year and going...strong?

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