Amanda Bynes Flirts with Perez Hilton, Oops!

Nov 12th, 2008

All the hot-topic celebs attended Tao's 3 Year Anniversary Bash this weekend on the Vegas strip. Hot, young celebrities such as Amanda "My weight fluctuates too drastically for this Hollywood business and the only way I am going to keep getting gigs is by showing off my long, inviting legs, or showing my panties, oops, look what happened by accident" Bynes and gay celebrities such as Perez "Can someone please pull that insert any object out of my ass" Hilton attended the bash. Judging from these pictures, everyone had a great time and nobody got laid.

Click on Enlarge for the uncensored pictures...

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Flirt on 04/18/2009 @ 15:25

He's one luck guy i think Amanda Bynes is a beautful looking girl.

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