Amanda Seyfried's Foot Is A Vagina

May 13th, 2010

So you're probably confused by the title of this blog. Here's the explanation: Amanda Seyfried has the word "minge" tattooed on her foot and what did she tell Chelsea Handler it meant? An English slang word for vagina. Lovely, right?

"It means vagina and kind of proud of it," she said. "It's my nickname. You can't see it, but it's called Minge and it's slang in England. It has something to do with your pubic hair in the dictionary."

However CelebSlam took some time to further research it, they say:

According to Urban Dictionary, "The minge is not the actual vagina, but the hair surrounding the area. On the labia majora and the pubic mound. Loose, shaggy hair that is not neatly trimmed, and may be a little fragranced with 'girl perfume.'"

I don't want hair in that area, let alone a constant reminder on my foot!

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