America's Sweetheart, Taylor Swift, Swinging Three Guys At The Same Time?

Apr 15th, 2010

Sweethearts need love, too. According to The National Enquirer the You Belong To Me singer belongs to John Mayer, Cory Monteith, and Taylor Lautner. Not bad when it comes to taste, Tay-ness. Now that I think about it, dating Johnny Depp, Derek Jeter, and Justin Timberlake at the same time would be exhausting, but so worth it.

Taylor is allegedly seeing Glee star, Monteith, but still hasn't gotten over alleged exes, Mayer and Lautner. What does that mean? When she says buh-bye to Moneith at night...she's heading on over to one of her exes pads.

"Taylor can't make up her mind about which guy she wants to be with," revealed an insider.

"But Taylor is still carrying a torch for Lautner and Mayer - so she's seeing all three guys behind their backs," divulged the insider. "It's out of control!"

Looks like EVERY DAY is a Fairytale for Ms. Swift.

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