Amy Winehouse Has a New Boyfriend, Not Crazy?

Jan 07th, 2009

Amy Winehouse recently debuted her new boyfriend Joshua Bowman. This dude is definitely in it for the long haul. He even speaks candidly with the Daily Mail about how his motives aren't publicity enticed. Joshua Bowman, 21-year-old rugby player and budding young actor claims he enjoys spending time with Winehouse. Yeah, right. Spending time with Amy Winehouse is probably like spending time with Emo kids, Saturday night in their parents' basement. It's all fun and games until someone gets a wrist slit.

"She's just a cool girl, very nice, and we're just very friendly. She's a good laugh - she is such a lovely girl and on great form. I can't say much more than that. I have been having a lovely time relaxing. It's not been all party-party. I don't drink much at all as it happens.

"It's true to say that I'm a budding young actor. But I'd rather get my name out there because of my acting rather than who I'm being photographed with. I wasn't waiting until there was a photographer on the beach to put my arm around Amy. I have been living in New York for the past year and have only just arrived back in the UK. I am just auditioning." (source)

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