Amy Winehouse Parties Like A Rock Star & Leaves $42K Worth of Hotel Damage Behind

Jul 16th, 2009

Let's bring Amy Winehouse back into the picture. Not only do we find her tragic and crazy, but she's the definition of a total and utter hot mess. After taking an eight-month vacation break in the Caribbean at St. Lucia to battle her drink and drug addictions, Wino has decided to return home to the UK to err--get her career back in shape? But come on, she had to leave behind a gift. A $42K gift of damaged hotel room.

But she could soon be receiving a sizeable bill - owners of the Cotton Bay complex where she stayed allegedly found her room littered with cigarette burns, broken furniture, and wrecked plumbing.

A source tells the Daily Star, "There were cigarette burns in the sofa, broken beds, smashed chandeliers, cracked mirrors, and all the plumbing was blocked." (source)

Viva la Winehouse! She'll never be tamed.

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