Amy Winehouse Wants To Be An Actress

Jun 29th, 2010

Has Amy Winehouse traded in the booze addiction for acting addiction? Seems like the UK songstress has her next goal in mind. Noooo, it's not to break the World Record for how many lines she can snort, but rather, entering the world of the Hollywood actor.

A family friend told us: “Amy has enrolled for acting lessons at the Central School of Speech and Drama in north London. She’s a natural born drama queen and loves being the centre of attention. Everyone close to her thinks it’s a great idea and believes she could make the transition from singer to actress quite easily. Amy’s been saying for ages she’d like to live in LA and she would love more than anything to get involved in the acting scene in Hollywood.”

Something tells me a director would have a hard time directing her nose out of the snow for her to say a line...without slurring.

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