An Amazing Week for the Kate's; Moss, Winslet and Perry

Jan 01st, 2012

The image was the result of a spontaneous decision to do a nude after a rooftop shooting session for German Vogue. A larger version of the same print sold for even more – 54k, a few years back. Two other photos of Moss were sold at the same auction for nearly 3k each. Although Moss won’t see the money it is hugely complementary to her status as a modern icon that the images sold for so much.

Kate Winslet Breaking Waves with Richard Branson

Meanwhile Kate Winslet, who is currently dating Richard Branson’s nephew, may dive to the depths of the Titanic with the Virgin airline mogul.

Branson has been quoted as saying he would love to board the legendary ship with Kate who starred in the blockbuster story of the ships sinking,

“It is something I am very keen to do. I’m deadly serious about this and I would love to invite Kate to come with me. Wouldn’t it be something if the star of Titanic really got to go down to the real ship? I’m going to talk to her but I’m sure it’s an opportunity she will jump at.”

The movie’s scene where Winslett and DiCaprio are on the prow of the ship has become one of the most recognized scenes in movie history. The film won 11 Oscar Awards and raked in over a billion dollars at the box office. A trip to the ship by the famous actress and arguably the most recognized entrepreneur on the planet is sure to make waves.

Visits to the ship are part of a series of tourist trips to mark the 100 year anniversary of the vessels plummet to the bottom of the ocean. Each tourist will purchase a ticket for 38 thousand pounds and Branson has said he would like to go along with Kate and his children. Tourists will go down in a submarine but whether or not they will be able to board the Titanic is still a bit sketchy.

Katy Perry is Talking Kids

Last week singer Katy Perry appeared on U.S. chat show Ellen and she talked about her desire to have children suggesting that kids could be on the horizon for her and husband Russell Brand in the near future. The singing superstar also celebrated her 27th birthday last week with a Wild West Ho-Down theme. If that isn’t enough good stuff the 2011 MTV music awards saw Katy Perry leave with an award for Best Live Music Artist. You go Girls!

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