Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt to Rekindle Romance In 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' Sequel?

Jul 17th, 2009

Jennifer Aniston, get the box of kleenex! (You're not out, we know you have them stashed away underneath your bed.) Rumor has it (well, this is The National Enquirer we're talking about so we'll take it as it comes...) that Brad Pitt and his lady love Angelina Jolie are planning a sequel to the movie that made them a couple--and divorced Brad from Jen---Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

HOMEWRECKERS REUNITED! Apparently the couple is friends with the original's writer and have asked him to pen the second installment.

A source said it would be a "family affair" with their baby collection nearby. (source)

They better have everlasting diapers on set. That or a collection of African babies. Either will work for Ange, preferably the latter.

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Bryan on 01/16/2010 @ 02:40

Well, i hope the gets done because I am really so excited to see the sequel of their movie. I will try to see if there's something has changed in their acting since they will be working together as a real couple.

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