Angelina Jolie Beats Jennifer Aniston Again

Jul 07th, 2009

You know what, we don't care so much if Jennifer Aniston is still unhappy about Angelina Jolie stealing her hubby. Take your $25 million you made last year and buy a new guy. But it looks as though Angelina has yet again laid the smack down on Jenny girl. When it comes to Forbes List of the top paid actresses in Hollywood, Angelina's sitting pretty at number one while Jenny's looking up from number two. Brad Pitt does this reflect your life much?

Angelina Jolie tops the list, having earned $27 million from June 2008 through last month, and Jennifer Aniston is next at $25 million.

Much of what Jolie earned came by way of the $341 million worldwide boxoffice generated by the film "Wanted," plus a big upfront payment for her next film, "Salt."

Some of Aniston's fat paycheck comes courtesy of the $244 million that "Marley & Me" earned worldwide, and she makes a ton as pitchwoman for SmartWater. Also, money from "Friends" still pours in, and she got upfront cash for her upcoming comedy film "The Baster." (source)

Rounding out the Top Ten are as follows:

3) Meryl Streep - $24 Million
4) Sarah Jessica Parker - $23 Million
5) Cameron Diaz - $20 Million
6) Sandra Bullock - $15 Million
6) Reese Witherspoon - $15 Million
8) Nicole Kidman - $12 Million
8) Drew Barrymore - $12 Million
10) Renee Zellweger - $10 Million

So in all honesty, we could purse our lips, resemble a sour lemon and make bank with $10 mil? Sign us up.

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