Angelina Jolie May Get The Film Permit In Bosnia

Oct 18th, 2010

Listen, when we heard an entire country didn't want Angelina Jolie there filming, we were a little surprised. Don't they want to be adopted? Anywho, Angelina and her clan is in Bosnia where she's been seeking a permit to film her new flick. Well, they basically denied her and she's not going down without a fight.

Culture Minister Gavrilo Grahovac revoked the film company's license because of the movie's plot, which follows the storyline of a Muslim woman who falls in love with her Serbian rapist. She has already begun shooting in Hungary, however Jolie is adamant on filming in the country to "remind people of what happened during the war in Bosnia. "The license was revoked on Wednesday, but Jolie and her team insist that it was a technical issue and a misunderstanding. There is good news for the film as poducer Edin Sarkic said, "I was promised by the Ministry of Culture that the licence will be issued on Monday. I will then have twenty days to set up a score of locations and I think it is doable."

Don't they have enough money to basically just buy Bosnia and do whatever the hell they want with it?

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