Angelina Jolie Might Be Using Drugs, Cutting?

May 14th, 2009

Poor Angelina Jolie! Who would have thought having one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, one of the most coveted husbands/male figures, millions and millions of dollars, tons of beautiful babies, fame, fortune and years upon years of success could be so hard! Angelina has been acting a bit weird on set, during the filming of her new movie Salt, she's been staring off into space, forgetting her lines and not eating. Sounds like we got a Tori Spelling on our hands. From Showbiz Spy:

"Angie’s been crying in her trailer most days and is barely eating. She keeps forgetting her lines and she’s been shaking and staring into space. In fact, it’s been so bad that some crew members have suspected she’s using drugs, although that’s out of the question.

"But the ones who know her realize it could be something much, much worse if she’s self-harming. When she’s at home she just about holds it together, but she stays up listening to the same song over and over and rarely sleeps." (source)

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Bryan on 01/21/2010 @ 02:57

I wont believe it, all these accusations were not true, give her a break, if she's acting like that, then it doesn't mean that she's into drugs. She is smart and good. And engaging herself into it would cause her downfall.

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