Angelina Jolie Tries To Get In Johnny Depp's Pants

Aug 19th, 2010

We're just chatting about this story because of the ridiculousness it entails. Okay so we get it. Angelina Jolie's a homewrecking ho who stole Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston. From that alone, any time she works with a dude, everyone and their mom will find some "source" to chat about how she's trying to get it on with them.

The lucky fella now? Johnny Depp. According to a National Enquirer source, Angie snuck in a big 'ol passionate kiss that was not in the script.

Said my witness: "Angelina's flirtatious behavior with Johnny had the set buzzing. She tried hard to make him react to her charms, but he ignored every attention-getting ploy. During an emotional scene in which she's supposed to fall into his comforting arms after intense conversation, Angie made her move. Instead of putting her head on Johnny's chest, she improvised -- wrapping her arms around his neck and planting a romantic, lingering kiss. Johnny pushed Jolie away gently, but his shocked expression revealed she'd finally rattles his cage!" Quickly taking her aside, he asked why she'd changed the scene without consulting him. Smirking coyly, Jolie said the scene needed to be "spicier!" Depp kept cool, but told her firmly: "The scene was better the way it was written -- and that's the way we're going to do it!"

And apparently there is something holy in Hollywood. After the scene and as soon as Angie peaced out, Depp was apparently assured by producers that the kiss would never see the light of day. PLEASE. That's because it DIDN'T happen.

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