Anna Kournikova's Cat Fight: Drink In Face and Fights Back

Jul 01st, 2009

Listen, barely any of us associate tennis with Anna Kournikova. Instead of being in her prime at the age of 28, she's attending Las Vegas parties in next to nothing clothing. Hey, we're not complaining. But unfortunately Miss Kournikova got into it over the weekend and let's just say we missed the cat fight of the century.

Kournikova and her pals were partying at Lavo after attending the Hardbat Classic table tennis tournament when a woman at the next table “threw a drink at Anna...Kournikova “sprung into action” and starting screaming at the woman and shoving her. “It was a big fight,” the spy said. The woman was kicked out only after leaving Kournikova with some vicious scratch marks on her neck. (source)

Then mud was poured over the two fighting, bikinis magically replaced their clothing, and...well, that's what dreams are made for. Enjoy the video below showcasing Anna's testy side with a BBC interviewer. MEEEEEEEOW.

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