Anything Guy Ritchie Can Do, Madonna Will Try To Do Better

Aug 04th, 2010

She beat him to the punch by scoring a younger hottie first and now she wants to school him in directing. Sources claim Madonna is so livid after seeing pictures of her ex-husband Guy Ritchie frolicking around with younger model, Jacqui Ainsley, that she's apparently going to try and outdo Guy in his own profession: directing.

Sounds like Madonna still hasn't gotten over ex-husband Guy Ritchie. Not only is the Material Mom bugged by his serious romance with model Jacqui Ainsley, she's reportedly obsessed with outdoing him as a filmmaker.

A source on the set of "W.E.," the film Madonna's directing inspired by the duke and duchess of Windsor's historic romance, tells me Madonna is constantly making references to directing decisions "Guy would do."

Let the games begin!

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