Are Blake Lively And Ryan Gosling Banging?

Dec 17th, 2010

It might be a match made in Heaven for Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling. According to reports, the Gossip Girl actress and Blue Valentine actor may be getting to know each other on the DL. Ryan was in NYC promoting his flick and was at the film's premiere after-party where he was seen with the blonde star.

The pair was "inseparable" Thursday night while at the event, which was held at The Top of the Standard at the Standard Hotel in New York, according to People.

As the party wound down, they headed downstairs to the hotel's Standard Grill to dine with two friends.

While both actors aren't fessing up to a romance just yet, Gosling commends Lively's body of work.

"She's an incredible actress; she's a good friend," Gosling told People.

This wasn't the first time the duo made magic - Lively, 23, and Gosling, 30, were first spotted together in October at Disneyland.

Blake will do just about anyone with a famous name. Literally.

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