Are Christina Aguilera And Her "Burlesque" Co-Star Cam Gigandet Bumping Uglies?

Nov 22nd, 2010

While out promoting their flick Burlesque, the film's junket couldn't help but notice how flirtatious Christina Aguilera and Cam Gigandet were. And sure Xtina's camp downplayed their "relationship" but something tells us that Xtina would bang a bat if she could get her hands on it at this moment in time.

Despite numerous reports of a budding romance with Benji Madden (brother of her best friend, Nicole Richie’s fiance Joel Madden), a number of reporters at the “Burlesque” junket couldn’t help but notice how flirtatious Aguilera was with her co-star and onscreen lover Cam Gigandet. A member of Aguilera’s camp downplayed any romance, saying they were just great friends who loved working together — denying tales Bratman became incensed by his wife’s relationship with Gigandet during filming.

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