Ashlee Simpson Boozes and Attacks Michelle Trachtenberg

Jun 03rd, 2009

It’s about to be a... GIRL FIGHT! (mud not included.) Ashlee Simpson sure is taking the spotlight from sister, Jess. Unfortunately for Michelle Trachtenberg, she's not on Ashlee's BFFL list.

WARNING: Don't brag if you ever dated Pete Wentz prior to his marriage with Ash. Eh, is that necessarily anything to brag about anyway? You know what they say about pint-sized guys, pint-sized...

Surprisingly, "The evening started off very civilly," an eyewitness tells us. "Pete and Ashlee had a pleasant conversation with Michelle and her boyfriend for close to 20 minutes." Simpson even showed Trachtenberg some baby pictures of her little boy, Bronx.

Then, the boozing happened! And more!

"Ashlee got very very drunk," an insider reveals. "She also kept making frequent bathroom trips." (source)

Multiple sources tell PerezHilton that while partying at the 'DJ Hero' party in LA, she was cordial to Pete's ex, Michelle, until she started hitting the bottle. And who knew this new mom had it in her to give her hubby a lap dance while spitting some not-so-nice words Trachtenberg's way. Sure, Ashlee may have been bitten by the horny-drunk-mean girl-jealous bug (go to your nearest bar on a Saturday night to see this in action), but that didn’t make the 'Harriet the Spy' want to rumble.

Ashlee was dragged out by Blink-182 front man Mark Hoppus’s wife as Michelle took the high road—probably right into Pete’s outside limo after the hubby was said to be embarrassed. But you’re in Fall Out Boy…

The crescendo of the night occurred when an increasingly loud and obnoxious Simpson began to give Wentz a lap dance. "She was staring directly at Michelle and starting hurling insults at her," a source tells us. "She was grinding up on Pete like a stripper. It was actually pretty disgusting!" (source)

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