Audrina Patridge Says There Won't Be Any Reality TV Competition With Lauren Conrad

Nov 05th, 2010

The Hills are alive...with the sight of reality television. Two of the former show's biggest stars, Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad, will be debuting their own reality shows soon. So will there be any competition between them? According to Audrina Patridge, there sure won't be.

"I don't think we're competition because we're two different people," she told OK! magazine. "Hers is about fashion and she is the reality queen. She's done it for a long time, but it's two different shows so ... I don't think there's a lot of competition there."

The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant said that her forthcoming show is all about her dream to become an actress. "I'm really going to open up and take [my fans] on that journey with me and trying to make it in Hollywood," she said. "[On] 'The Hills,' I was kind of in a bubble. That was my 'Hills' life. This is going to be more about me and what I did when I wasn't filming 'The Hills' with my other friends, and with pursuing my career."

Be on the look out for Patridge's show next year. Cameras start following she and her family as they "navigate through celebrity and Hollywood" starting January 2011.

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