Avril Lavigne LOOOOVES Brody Jenner

Apr 19th, 2010

Brody Jenner, you better give Avril Lavigne the boot if you're not feeling her because she sure is feeling you. The dating duo were in Las Vegas on Sunday night having a grand 'ol time. While at Bank nightclub at the Bellagio, Lavigne had the sudden urge to grab the mic and profess her love for Jenner, shouting: "I love you, Brody!"

Hm could Lavigne and Jenner's half sis, Kim Kardashian, be sharing fashion tips in the near future? That's an almost possible nightmare come true right there.

A spy told the New York Post:

"Lavigne and Jenner were having a blast. They were taking shots with friends including Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, grabbing the microphone, shouting, 'Jager shots' and making the crowd go wild." Lavigne later grabbed the mike and shouted, "I love you, Brody!"

Call me crazy, but I sense a desperation in Lavigne. Ugh, could you imagine a reality show? You know Ryan Seacrest is already jumping on this idea.

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