Bar Rafaeli's A Little Peeved Over Brooklyn Decker's Sports Illustrated Cover

Feb 16th, 2010

Looks like Leo's gal is none too pleased with Brooklyn Decker nabbing the cover of this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. It's being reported that Israeli beauty, Bar Rafaeli, arrived to the magazine's launch party angry and upset.

"She had a scowl on her face and wouldn't even look up for photographers who had been waiting for hours in the freezing cold outside," our spy says. "She even walked right by fans who were pleading for her to sign her past issues of Sports Illustrated."

Bar finally gave in - but only after hearing that Decker indeed stopped for admirers.

"Brooklyn had stood in a tiny mini-dress posing with the same fans," our snitch says. "When Bar tried to walk by, one finally yelled 'But Brooklyn did it!' - and that got her attention. Bar then turned around, begrudgingly retraced her steps and agreed to do the same. But she still looked pretty miserable throughout the night." (source)

Oh shut up. You're gorgeous, you have a hot bod, rich a$$ famous boyfriend, guys rub their no no's to you, and a rising career. Get over yourself. Highlight of my day is improving my WPM. What a life!

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