Beyoncé Vacations in Bermuda

Oct 06th, 2008

Hair plugs removed, drink in hand, Beyoncé shook her jelly up and down the Bermuda coast this past weekend.

October 06th, 2008 by Tags: beyoncé knowles, bermuda, drink
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llkoolk on 10/06/2008 @ 11:10

Does anyone actually find her at ALL attractive? If so, I'd like you to meet 84% of the women in the world!

zeeol on 10/06/2008 @ 13:14

whats wrong? looks ok to me. not smokin by any means, but not fugly either

foospro on 07/16/2009 @ 14:15

She is just a huge Amazon woman and I don't see how anyone finds her attractive. Bootylicious is just a nice way of saying fat-ass.

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