Blake Lively Might Do Playboy, Hooray!

Feb 16th, 2010

Gossip Girl's Blake lively wants to do Playboy, score! The only caveat? She want's $2.5 million dollars for the shoot. Jesus, good thing she didn't ask two years ago, looks like the recession is hitting her hard. Kinda like Chris Brown does to Rihanna. From the National Enquirer

"Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively wants to shed her teeny-bopper image - by shedding her clothes for “Playboy”! And she’s asking a whopping $2.5 million to bare it all for the cameras!

"'Playboy’ had already been calling her — she figures a ‘Playboy’ spread now will really give her some heat in her career. [Gossip Girl] has been a hit with teens, but she says she doesn’t want to get lumped in with the Jonas Brothers! Posing nude would certainly distance her from her tween fans and put her in the adult world."

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