Bradley Cooper Gets Around Hollywood, Moves On To D-Lister Denise Richards

Jul 28th, 2009

It must be The Hangover when you go from waking up next to Jennifer Aniston to Renee Zelwegger and ending it with Denise Richards. Yikes. This is all in a few weeks time of Bradley Cooper's life.

Looks like this guy didn't waste any time when it came to bumping no-no's with every Hollywood female. Sure he's sliding on down the ladder for less wanted females, but when you got alotta love, you gotta share it. And we're going to assume that he's packing heat in that department.

After dates with Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger, Cooper was seen out to dinner with Denise Richards on July 6th.

An insider tells Star that the pair "never stopped talking." (source)

What kind of conversation does one have with Denise Richards? Her face never changes reaction when she talks. At least Cooper knows what he's getting in the mouf department...that or he could peace out early and rewind that part in Wild Things. Go with the latter, bud.

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