Breaking News: Kim Kardashian Without Makeup (The Horror!)

Dec 03rd, 2010

Since the world cares more about what Kim Kardashian does on a daily basis rather than anything else in the world, we figured featuring Kim Kardashian without any makeup on is just as interesting as any other story about her. Sure, she still had her girls out for the cameras to snap (we know your games, Kardashian, fool 'em with the boobs to take away from your makeup-less face), but homegirl did not have one speck of makeup on. The horror.

We're pretty sure Kim Kardashian woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but maybe you can help. Give her a makeover online in these Kim Kardashian makeover games.

December 03rd, 2010 by Tags: Kim Kardashian, no makeup, gym, working out, yikes
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