Bridget Marquardt is Crazy Drunk @ Criss Angel's Birthday

Dec 24th, 2008

Bridget Marquardt joined Holly Madison for a few crap ton of drinks at LAX nightclub this past week to celebrate Criss Angel's 41st birthday. It looks as if Marquardt, seen here, was trying to drink her thoughts, emotions, and physical being away with each glass she pounded back. Even potential boyfriends that swarmed around Bridget seemed a bit tense about starting a conversation, let alone a relationship, with the bunny.

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sydilicious on 08/27/2009 @ 18:25


sydilicious on 08/27/2009 @ 18:27

so what shes allowed to let it loose ,,oh well no drinking and deriving is all i say lol i personally look sloopy drunk lol carrot top wher e r u babe lets do a show asap lol syd

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