Brit Brit Rocks a Stellar Booty

Oct 06th, 2009

While her ex is literally eating himself into an early grave, Britney Spears is strutting about town and flaunting her post-US tour bod, particularly her surprisingly plump dairy aire. Looks like the Gods of Bootay decided to spread the wealth amongst other celebutarts besides J-Lo and Mrs. Knowles. Bootylicious? Me thinks yes.

Can it be that Brit is gearing up her rear for the 3 music video? Hmmm… Here’s an idea for a video: toosh, toosh and more toosh. If not, she can just shimmy down some more hallways in pigtails. Works like a charm every time.

Despite the adulation for Spears’ junk in the trunk, we cannot condone the tacky polka dotted knee highs and cleat-looking sneaks. Apparently we missed the memo that soccer is sexy—OK, besides Beckham’s underwear ads.

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